Where do I begin?

I am an autistic mother to 7 children. Our home is a place and a journey like no other. I don’t know where to begin…….

I will be writing of what is beyond diagnosis and beyond how society is still evolving it’s way from seeing autism as a pandemic to seeing it as a super power…neither of which is a balanced approach. I think our society has a long way to go towards having a balanced view of autism and hasn’t yet come into a phase of focusing on the happiness and wellbeing of the individuals. I believe my unique experience and understanding of how to achieve this may help those along their own journeys. I have gone through disordered eating to ‘mental health’ issues within my own life and that of my children’s and have found a way of developing individual tools to self understanding that has in itself  been key to setting up a home that functions in a very different way.

It’s a journey almost from the inside out, where my focus shifted and my home became a happier place where everyone has found and is finding their way to eating, sleeping and having a better more balanced self image that has in itself  taken care of how they interact and understand the world around them. 

My wish is that whoever will be reading my blogs will create a different way of approaching autism and autistic people so as to create an environment that promotes happiness and self understanding in order to enhance development and support. 

Samantha xxx

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