I see so much going around about how stimming is a good thing and helps regulate the senses for autistic people. Which is true, but what are the reasons for needing to stim and what if one persons stim is another persons sensory overload? 

I have noticed, that, we stim when we are overloaded and trying to desensitise, or when we have to process verbal and social information. 

Actually, since I began to homeschool my children, I noticed that they rarely stim as their environmental and educational/processing  needs are being met. 

So, this makes me wonder why the  autistic community are so adamantly promoting stimming, since, basically it is another form of communicating  that something is wrong or something happened to cause the need to stim. Isn’t this a behaviour like any other, that needs to be addressed rather than simply allowing the stim? 

Now, not that I’m against stimming, but it causes huge issues in my home. Verbal stims and movements actually impact on the sensory issues of others and cause them to have meltdowns. Advice such as, asking both individuals to compromise or finding separate rooms for them to go to has been given, but,when 2 people are essentially trying to block the other (at times one is non verbal) and neither is in control at that moment, then compromise is not possible. 

What is possible, is a low stimuli environment, that suits all individuals insuring that each individual has what they need, so that neither comes to a point where stimming or sensory over load is a necessary outcome. 

Which just brings me back to my point, is stimming actually a good thing and is it really possible to allow stimming to be free when it impacts on other autistic people in a negative manner?

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